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Yoga Retreat

Gajah Mina Beach Resort is now able to offer a superb location for small group retreats, seminars, yoga and meditation courses and group activities of all kinds. Enjoy the space and simplicity of our beautiful “wantilan”; a roofed yet open Balinese structure perched on a cliff top overlooking our private beach and the ocean behind it. The name of this site is "Balian”, signifying healer or shaman. But you don’t have to be one to feel the energy flowing here. This is a truly great opportunity to absorb the healing and rejuvenating power of nature in spectacular surroundings.

Several varieties of wonderful Balinese massage are available from our skilled staff.
The black sand from our volcanic beach has been used for over a hundred years to treat rheumatism and related ailments.

Tai Chi

We have a Tai Chi teacher in residence. He will be happy to introduce you to this art of life. Tai Chi Ch'uan is a Chinese system of exercise, the practice of which provides valuable help in extending man's life span, eliminating tension and increasing opportunities of physical, spiritual and mental well-being and equilibrium. In ancient times, this system was originally called "Mien Ch'uan" - cotton fist, because of its emphasis on softness or suppleness. Because of this, it makes it possible for a man to be in tune with nature's vibrations while in motion.

Let our chef prepare some “jamu” (a healing Indonesian decoction made from diverse local plants) especially for you. Also available are hibiscus shampoo; alang alang root tea (good for the kidneys); temulawak (improves liver function and eliminates toxins) and many others traditional recipes.

Our executive chef will complete your gastronomic adventure with delicious vegetarian meals sourced from the organic produces grown in the hills around the Resort. Treat yourself to a fantastic tropical experience.

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From 6th December to 16th December

Yoga retreat with Adesh Kalsha Kundinyasa yoga.Kundinyasa is a combination of the very powerful practice of Kundalini kriya yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Vinyasa for warming up the body. The Kundalini practice focuses on cultivating and moving energy through the physical and subtle bodies through repetitive movements. It develops tremendous endurance and inner strength. It is a style of Bhakti yoga or the yoga of devotion. The classes are very healing. They bring emotional balance and deep connection with the Divine. If you like to join the retreat please contact Adhesh:

From 26th December to 3rd January

Teacher in residence: Mandi Nelson. "I am level 2 500hr qualified. Purna is the closest to Hatha linage, sometimes its vinyasa, other times it’s more yin. Its always breath focussed & asana is always practiced with ‘ahimsa’. Practioners are asked to become aware of their energy & interconnectedness through breath, their symbiotic relationship to the earth & elements. My classes offer the opportunity to take into awareness the supportive nature of the earth & the sky, the interconnectedness of body, mind & spirit. The asana & pranyama work with the energy of the chakra systems, rejuventates & renews the body at a cellular level. A 10 – 15 min. guided meditation is offered in savasanah for maximum healing & clearing any blockages as well as presenting the opportunity to share love & light with the greater global community.all of those in between. I look forward to sharing energy with you & seeing you on the mat." See:

From March 9 – 19 2014

Come and immerse in the practice of yoga with Janet Stone . This immersion is for those who are already teachers, those who want to teach and those who simply want to show up on the mat, with devotion to the teachings. For more details see: Please contact Meghan at if you would like to join the training.

From May 9th to 14th 2014

Join Samantha Veall from yoga 213 Merlbourne Australia. Vinyasa flow retreat. For more information contact :

From 23rd August to 30th August 2014

Join Yeotown founder and yoga teacher Mercedes Ngoh for seven nights of yoga and surfing, great food, inspiring cultural excursions and spa treatments. The trip is open to beginner surfers and yogis as well as experienced practitioners. If you like more information contact: See: Mercedes Ngoh Biograhpy

From September 1 to September 16, 2014

Yandara Yoga Institute: (16-day/200 Hour Certification) for the Yoga Teacher Training. For more information contact:

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